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Feature articles this week:

  • Feedlot Profit and Losses - It has been almost two straight years of losses for the cattle feeding industry. There may have been a few spots to make profits, or some hedged cattle that may have been profitable, but the overall margins have been thin or negative. While there have been losses over an extended period, losses were the worst in early 2019 when fed basis levels became extremely weak ...
  • Shifts in Demand - Market moves over the past few weeks have been extreme. This has largely been a result of the demand shift from food service to retail, combined with the fact consumers have stockpiled some beef in response to COVID-19. About 50% of beef consumption is ground beef which is consumed both through food service and at home, but a significant amount of higher end middle meats ...

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  • 04.24 - Apr 1, USDA Cattle on Feed
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