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Feature articles this week:

  • Fed Cattle Slaughter and Carcass Weights - Canadian fed cattle slaughter volumes continue to grow. In 2018, Canadian fed slaughter totaled 2.49 million head, 5.2% higher than 2017. Fed slaughter increased for the third consecutive year, and was 17.2% higher than the 2015 low. Fed slaughter has increased more in western Canada, as 2018 slaughter was 6.1% larger than 2017, and 19.2% larger than 2015 ...
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan Cattle on Feed - Canfax released the March 1st Saskatchewan and Alberta cattle on feed report today, and it was the tenth consecutive month of higher inventories. On feed numbers were ten percent higher than last year and eight percent higher than the five-year average. This was the highest March 1st inventory since 2010 ...

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