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Feature articles this week:

  • Canadian Beef Production - Canadian beef cow numbers have been basically flat over the last four years, near 3.7 million cows. Despite the Canadian calf crop being flat over this time period as well, total Canadian beef production has been increasing over the last three years with 2018 beef production projected to be close to 3.15 billion pounds, the largest level since 2010 ...
  • Slaughter Bulls - Slaughter bull prices typically firm higher during the first half of the year and see good strength through the summer. The annual peak typically occurs in July or August before prices decline steadily toward the end of November as market supplies increase. Alberta butcher bull prices have tracked this historic seasonal trend ...

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  • 08.24 - Aug 1, USDA Cattle on Feed
  • 08.17 - Aug 1, AB/SK Cattle on Feed

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