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Feature articles for January 17:

  • Canadian Cattle Grading Performance Disappointing - Canadian grading consists of two components: 1) Quality Grade, which for most fed cattle is, A, AA, AAA and Prime, and 2) Yield Grade, which is broken into five yield grade categories depending on the estimated percentage of boneless retail beef cuts from the four primals (round, loin, rib and chuck) derived from a carcass. Yield grade 1 has the highest yield, and yield grade 5 is the lowest ...
  • Alberta and Saskatchewan Cattle on Feed - Canfax released its January 1st cattle on feed report this afternoon, marking the third consecutive month cattle on feed inventories have been above last year. Feedlot placements have been large over the past three months and as a result cattle on feed inventories ...

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  • 02.21 - Feb 1, USDA Cattle on Feed
  • 02.14 - Feb 1, AB/SK Cattle on Feed
  • 01.24 - Jan 1, USDA Cattle on Feed

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