Cattle on Feed

The Cattle on Feed Report is a monthly survey indicating the number of cattle on feed, the number placed on feed and the number sold for slaughter in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Alberta and Saskatchewan together feed 70% of Canada’s finished cattle production. The complete report is released the second Friday of each month. A demographics summary is also completed annually indicating the size of cattle feeding operations and distribution of feeding by region. The program operates under voluntary participation with individual feedlot data remaining confidential.

What does it take to participate?

Cattle feeders in Alberta and Saskatchewan with one time capacities of over 1,000 head and feeding cattle to slaughter are eligible to participate. A simple form is filled out once a month indicating the number placed on feed during the previous month as well as how many finished cattle were shipped out. This form can be faxed, phoned in or e-mailed. Once the report is complete each month, the summary is faxed or e-mailed back to all participants.

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